Fizz: A young woman's quest to unravel the universe
A young woman's quest
to unravel the universe
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Meet the author

Zvi Schreiber

Zvi Schreiber (pronounced tsvee shryber) is best known as a tech entrepreneur, having built up several software startups, one of which—Ghost—was also a pioneer of Palestinian-Israeli business cooperation. He's involved in supporting community computer rooms for the benefits of both Palestinian and Israeli children and adults.

Zvi is currently CEO of Lightech, which produces power supplies for energy-efficient LED lighting.

Educated at the University of Cambridge and Imperial College, London, Zvi earned a B.A. in mathematics, a Ph.D. in computer science, and an MS.c. in theoretical physics. His M.Sc. thesis was entitled The Nine Lives of Schrödinger's Cat and is quoted on Wikipedia.

Zvi has published one previous book, a small novelty picture book with his own photography; Fizz is his first novel. Born in London, Zvi lives with his family in Jerusalem, Israel.

The best place to discuss Fizz with Zvi and other readers is the Fizz Facebook page . If you need to contact Zvi privately, use


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