Fizz: A young woman's quest to unravel the universe
A young woman's quest
to unravel the universe
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Fizz for book clubs

  1. How does Fizz’s character evolve during the book? What are the major influences on her character?
  2. In what ways is Fizz’s development along her quest similar or dissimilar to the emotional development of a typical young adult?
  3. What analogies does Schreiber use between the physical universe and the human experience?
  4. How does the experience of learning scientific concepts through a fictional story compare with traditional didactic methods?
  5. How does the inclusion of substantial scientific content affect the experience of reading the fictional story?
  6. How well does Schreiber capture the historical settings? The historical personalities?
  7. What is the role of the "Ecommunity" in the story? Fizz’s father? The Dean?
  8. What genre should Fizz be classified as? How is it similar or dissimilar to Sophie's World?
  9. How are the voices of the various physicists distinguished?
  10. In Fizz’s time travel, no other character accompanies Fizz for more than a couple of chapters. Despite this limitation, is the story able to investigate relationships?
  11. Why is exploring the physical universe a compelling need for some people and a boring irrelevance to others?
  12. Does Fizz shed new light on humanity's march toward ever-more advanced technologies?