Fizz: A young woman's quest to unravel the universe
A young woman's quest
to unravel the universe
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About Fizz

Fizz is a novel telling the story of the history of physics—mankind unraveling the universe—from the perspective of a young woman who time travels to meet Galileo, Newton, Einstein and Hawking. Fizz revives the edu-novel genre made famous by Sophie's World which sold 30 million copies worldwide. Fizz was published in June 2011 on the 100th anniversary of Einstein's seminal discovery that gravity bends light which led to the general theory of relativity and black holes.

The future. In response to environmental degradation, the Eco-community sect eschews science and technology, returning to an austere agricultural life of nature-worship. But one young member, Fizz, has a burning curiosity that defies suppression. Risking life and social standing, Fizz embarks on a quest that brings her face-to-face with the often-eccentric giants of physics, from Aristotle and Galileo, to Einstein and Hawking. One encounter at a time, Fizz pieces together the intricate workings of our universe, and struggles with the resulting intellectual, moral, and personal challenges.

Returning as a changed person from the epic quest, Fizz faces the decision that will change her world forever.

“Not since Sophie's World, has there been a book to do for the scientific world what the former did for philosophy—inform, intrigue, & entertain... Young girls who accompany Fizz on her journey will quickly discover how good it feels to satisfy their curiosity... Men and women of all ages will also be enthralled with these adventures in physics... Zvi Schreiber's writing is clear and the plot zooms along... The personalities of the real-life physicists are well-drawn... Challenges that they faced are presented boldly... A lot of fun — Holly Doering for ForeWord magazine Five Star Clarion Review 

“Should be read by young and old. You will love it.” — The Physics Teacher